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Innovation and Design Contest of Hotel Spaces

Register: 2016-07-15 / Submit: 2016-07-15 / Announcement: 2016-09-15

At Eurostars Hotels, we have a strong commitment to development. This time, we have undertaken to a new challenge: reinventing the concept of "hotel". To that end, we have designed Hotel Lab, our First Innovation and Design Contest of Hotel Spaces. We invite you to design the furniture for one room that meets travellers' present and future requirements. Over the next months, this room will become your think tank. Create innovative solutions, do experiments and design the perfect room. The judges of Hotel Lab will choose the project that reflects the best innovation spirit of Eurostars Hotels.

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Annual international Contest of Architectural ideas for Siberia

Register: 2016-06-10 / Submit: 2016-06-20 / Announcement: 0000-00-00

The project development of a winter amusement park made of ice and snow, situated on Tatyshev island, Krasnoyarsk.

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