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IQ Public Art

Register: 2016-12-10 / Submit: 2016-12-15 / Announcement: 2017-02-01

IQ PUBLIC ART - contest of street art works initiated by IQ Business Center (, whose goal is the selection of the best creative ideas for the landscape of the business center.

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Experiential Beer Garden

Register: 2016-11-21 / Submit: 2017-01-31 / Announcement: 2017-03-06

The centre that Villa Zarri intends to create, within a beautiful mid 16th-century villa, will be a sanctuary for all beer lovers – a place where beer tasting will meet delicious food, culture and entertainment, within the framework of architectural beauty.

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United Kingdom Holocaust Memorial International Competition

Register: 2016-09-14 / Submit: 2016-10-23 / Announcement: 2017-09-23

This international design competition managed by Malcolm Reading Consultants on behalf of the Department for Communities and Local Government – and the wider work of the UK Holocaust Memorial Foundation – fulfils the recommendations made by the Prime Minister’s cross-party Holocaust Commission in its report of January 2015.

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Tallinn Architecture Bienalle 2017

Register: 2016-10-15 / Submit: 2016-10-15 / Announcement: 2016-11-01

Tallinn Architecture Biennale 2017 is announcing TAB 2017 Urban Installation Programme Open Call, offering emerging
architectural talent the opportunity to design and build an experimental wooden folly in the heart of Tallinn. The competition has two stages - digital portfolios can be submitted for the first competition stage until October 15th 2016.

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Stewardson Keefe LeBrun Travel Grant

Register: 2016-11-01 / Submit: 2016-11-01 / Announcement: 2016-00-00

To further the personal and professional development of an architect in early or mid-career through travel. Travel plans should be focused on a selected topic of interest to the individual, rather than a part of a larger humanitarian or institutional endeavor. If appropriate, the winner may be asked to present at the Center for Architecture upon return.

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Clue – One for All, Light for All. 3 ed.

Register: 2017-01-30 / Submit: 2017-01-31 / Announcement: 2017-03-13


Even as technology keeps advancing, in lighting as in other fields, the world we live in becomes ever more homogenized. The techniques at our disposal (LED lighting, control over intensity or color, preprogrammed lighting schemes, etc...) give us the feeling of a personalized environment, but only within the limits of our own private space. Everyone can live this experience—at home. But when we cross the threshold of our front door, what happens then?

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Prêmio Hometeka de Interiores 2016

Register: 0000-00-00 / Submit: 0000-00-00 / Announcement:

Premiação de interiores que busca divulgar projetos contemporâneos e com o melhor do design para uma casa transportável, modular e industrializada.
Arquitetos de interiores e Designers de ambientes de todo o país são convidados a idealizarem o interior da Casa Chassi, projeto de residência adaptável, pensada para ser produzida em escala industrial e comercializada como produto.

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Innovation and Design Contest of Hotel Spaces

Register: 2016-07-15 / Submit: 2016-07-15 / Announcement: 2016-09-15

At Eurostars Hotels, we have a strong commitment to development. This time, we have undertaken to a new challenge: reinventing the concept of "hotel". To that end, we have designed Hotel Lab, our First Innovation and Design Contest of Hotel Spaces. We invite you to design the furniture for one room that meets travellers' present and future requirements. Over the next months, this room will become your think tank. Create innovative solutions, do experiments and design the perfect room. The judges of Hotel Lab will choose the project that reflects the best innovation spirit of Eurostars Hotels.

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Register: 2016-08-01 / Submit: 2016-08-09 / Announcement:


Let’s explore it again, by the way of celebrating the great Hieronymus Bosch, this painter who activated Hell and Paradise, pictorially, in a supremely original manner.

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Effix Pavilion

Register: 2016-08-04 / Submit: 2016-08-04 / Announcement: 2016-08-15

The aim of the "EFFIX PAVILION" International Contest is to stimulate the enrichment of the urban design in the Seaside Park of the city of Varna through the selection of a project that bears the universal values of the 21st century embodied in the "innovative material - innovative shape" relationship.

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