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Ready Project 2 Studio Capacity Recorder with the sections:


The Ready Project of Record company contains:

1) Ready project in DWG file of Record company (boards in A0 or A1 format), with:
  • Floor Plan and Equipment Layout Record company
  • Floor Plan Record company
  • Equipment Layout
  • Facade
  • Status of Constructions on the Site
  • Plan of Offices, Changing Rooms, Canteens and other Attachments

2) Basic Construction Description
3) List of Main Equipment of Record company
4) List of Main Equipment Suppliers
5) List of Construction Materials and Work Budget
6) Physical-Financial Schedule of the Work
7) Production Flowchart
8) 3D project of Record company (optional)


Other services

* Financial Feasibility Study for Record company
* Financing Project and Business Plan for 2 Studio Capacity Recorder
* Project and Floor Plan
* Environmental Licensing of Record company

Projects with Other Capabilities (larger or smaller)

* Recorder 1 studio PRS-O-345

* 2 studio recorder PRS-O-346

* 5 studio recorder PRS-O-347

* Recorder 10 studio PRS-O-348

* 15 studio recorder PRS-O-349

* 20 studio recorder PRS-O-350

* 50 studio recorder PRS-O-351

* 100 studio recorder PRS-O-352




How to Build Project and Floor Plan
Record company


How to Build Project and Floor Plan 2 Studio Capacity Recorder



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Planning Tips for Assembling Record company:

  • Request the approval of the Fire Department for the operation of the company > How to assemble Record company
  • What will be the monthly invoicing - Project Record company
  • Confirm the classification in the CNAE
  • CNAE - Floor Plan Record company
  • Municipal Health Surveillance Register - Record company
  • Registration with Caixa Econômica Federal (CEF) in the Social Connectivity system - Business Plan Record company
  • Fixed investment comprises the capital employed in the purchase of real estate, equipment, furniture, fixtures, installations, renovations, etc. - Record company
  • Check if the property is regularized, that is, if it has a HOUSE - Record company
  • Take a course related to your business > Record company
  • Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) - Record company
  • Make a good disclosure of your business - Record company
  • Choosing a good location is one of the key points for the success of an enterprise - Record company


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    How to Build Project and Floor Plan
Record company