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Project Spa with capacity to serve 50 people per day | DWG Layout Floor Plan Project |

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Ready Project Spa with capacity to serve 50 people per day with the sections:

Main Hall
Other Rooms

The Ready Project of Bathhouse contains:

1) Ready project in DWG file of Bathhouse (boards in A0 or A1 format), with:
  • Floor Plan and Equipment Layout Bathhouse
  • Floor Plan Bathhouse
  • Equipment Layout
  • Facade
  • Status of Constructions on the Site
  • Plan of Offices, Changing Rooms, Canteens and other Attachments

2) Basic Construction Description
3) List of Main Equipment of Bathhouse
4) List of Main Equipment Suppliers
5) List of Construction Materials and Work Budget
6) Physical-Financial Schedule of the Work
7) Production Flowchart
8) 3D project of Bathhouse (optional)


Other services

* Financial Feasibility Study for Bathhouse
* Financing Project and Business Plan for Spa with capacity to serve 50 people per day
* Project and Floor Plan
* Environmental Licensing of Bathhouse

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How to Build Project and Floor Plan


How to Build Project and Floor Plan Spa with capacity to serve 50 people per day



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Learn How to Open Bathhouse:

  • Purchase the necessary equipment > How to assemble Bathhouse
  • Ask yourself: What is my business different from competitors? - Project Bathhouse
  • Promote your Business
  • Business objective - Floor Plan Bathhouse
  • Check access routes - Bathhouse
  • Technical Responsibility Indication - Business Plan Bathhouse
  • The accountant will also advise on the need to comply with the legislation, in the case of adding specific services regulated by state and / or municipal laws. - Bathhouse
  • Quality control - Bathhouse
  • STATE REVENUE > Bathhouse
  • Find responsible and recognized suppliers in the market - Bathhouse
  • Set a good installation location - Bathhouse
  • Requirements of local legislation and the Military Fire Brigade. - Bathhouse


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    How to Build Project and Floor Plan






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