Seafood Factory with Production Capacity of 2.000 kg per day



Ready Project Seafood Factory with Production Capacity of 2.000 kg per day with the sections:

Reception of Raw Material
Deposit of Raw Material
Packaging Secondary Packaging
Final Deposit
Dressing Room

The Ready Project of Shellfish Factory contains:

1) Ready project in DWG file of Shellfish Factory (boards in A0 or A1 format), with:
  • Floor Plan and Equipment Layout Shellfish Factory
  • Floor Plan Shellfish Factory
  • Equipment Layout
  • Facade
  • Status of Constructions on the Site
  • Plan of Offices, Changing Rooms, Canteens and other Attachments

2) Basic Construction Description
3) List of Main Equipment of Shellfish Factory
4) List of Main Equipment Suppliers
5) List of Construction Materials and Work Budget
6) Physical-Financial Schedule of the Work
7) Production Flowchart
8) 3D project of Shellfish Factory (optional)


Other services

* Financial Feasibility Study for Shellfish Factory
* Financing Project and Business Plan for Seafood Factory with Production Capacity of 2.000 kg per day
* Project and Floor Plan
* Environmental Licensing of Shellfish Factory






How to Build Project and Floor Plan Seafood Factory with Production Capacity of 2.000 kg per day

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Procedure to open Shellfish Factory:

  • Count on good lighting and a good project > How to assemble Shellfish Factory
  • Analyze the market from the consumer's point of view - Project Shellfish Factory
  • Constantly check your costs
  • Business objective - Floor Plan Shellfish Factory
  • Municipal Health Surveillance Register - Shellfish Factory
  • Good Manufacturing Practices Manual - Business Plan Shellfish Factory
  • In addition to the fulfillment of the previous requirements, it is necessary to search the City Hall if the Zoning Law allows the installation of the business - Shellfish Factory
  • Check if, in case the establishment's identification plates, signs and billboards are installed, it will be necessary to check what determines the local legislation on their licensing - Shellfish Factory
  • Take a course related to your business > Shellfish Factory
  • The relationship with your customer should not happen only inside the store or in the process of buying your e-commerce - Shellfish Factory
  • Check if the property is legalized and regularized with the municipal public agencies that may interfere or prevent its future activity - Shellfish Factory
  • The Law (Micro and Small Company Statute) and its amendments establish differentiated and simplified treatment for micro and small companies. This provides advantages to entrepreneurs, including the reduction or exemption from registration fees, licenses, etc. - Shellfish Factory


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    How to Build Project and Floor Plan
Shellfish Factory

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